Monday, March 31, 2008

Thee Diet Pills - The Embassy

A garage-rock battle-cry, a call-to-arms, that seizes the spirit of bands like The Sonics, and unleashes it as a snarling, dangerous, speaker-bursting wildfire. The raw firebrand energy is the epitome of down-and-dirty throat-shredding rock n roll. The Diet Pills makes it feels great to be alive. The flame refuses to die.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Holoscene - The Boat

The theme tonight at The Boat was sonic ambiance colliding with sheer power. Holoscene is an ocean of heavenly tides and crashing waves, a cascading cosmic force that draws on spiritual elements to be-at-one with the musical experience. A harmonious soul-merging of that journey, the conflict, the struggle, the dissonance, a post-rock odyssey blending the dialectic ebbs-and-flows of life.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tin Bangs - Rancho Relaxo

A rock powerhouse that left the stage, the venue, and perhaps that leather-clad dancing-girl, up in flames. Windstorm riffs, thunderous rhythms, swagger, enthusiasm, a tight live-show, a triumph of what rock and roll is all about. Everyone was feeling the sweaty intensity, a mini-uprising, blazing a trail of smoke.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Rural Alberta Advantage - The Drake

The theme tonight was Elephant 6, in song and in spirit. That was a great set at The Drake, fetching indie-rock fused with melodic neo-psych goodness, capturing the essence of the collective, and incorporating our distinct brand of Torontopian universality. An entrancing, wonderous, jewel. Keep to your musical vision.

Lipstick Machine - Smiling Buddha

The gloriousness of retro-inspired garage-rock colliding with shards of post-punk, pounding riffs meets brooding tension twisting and winding through your veins. That everlasting flame continues to burn.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today Is The Day - The Reverb

Toronto felt the almighty detonation of grindcore metal at The Reverb, cinematic thunder of the gods that shook the very ground, the pillars mainstream blandness made way for a jarring cyclone of power. Thank you Nashville for delivering a booming, high-voltage, hellraising shockwave.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Idlers - The Horseshoe

A ska/reggae explosion of fun unleashed, a nine-member ensemble of horn-blasts, rhythmic combustion and infectious stage-presence made it seem like a celebration. A spiritual experience from the East Coast dominated by sweltering grooves, high-energy, and pure reckless joy. The ska gods were smiling on Toronto on this night.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Human Statues - The Drake

One-half of the band, but still an alliance of catchy acoustic goodness, strong vocal melodies, driven by the singer-songwriter spirit. Poignant guitar therapy that will get your toes a tapping.

Lioness - Sneaky Dee's

Vanessa is a soul-strutting heroine, electrifying, capturing the vocal prowess of a young Tina Turner. Add Jeff's relentless drumming onslaught, and biting basslines, Lioness is a cutting-edge blast of vocal-guile and analog aural-spasms, unfolding like some apocalyptic vision. No guts. No glory. Free your mind. Alice is waiting.

The Miles - The Neutral

That was an amazing set at The Neutral, pyrotechnic dance-punk that set the place on fire, scorching rockabilly thunder, a musical high-speed car chase blazing a trail of smoke and blinding fumes. Sizzling and dazzling. Place your money on The Miles. These cool-cats are on onto bigger and better things.

Foxfire - The Rivoli

Glitz, glamor, and highly combustible fun. This is what a world-class band should look and sound like. That was a great set at The Rivoli. Neil the swashbuckling crooner, Hannah the fabulous glamor Queen, the interplay between the two is absolutely magnetic. The band is pure-rock magic, dramatic yet stunning musicianship, a melodramatic explosion of a hipster-opera that will leave you breathless.

Spookey Ruben - Tiger Bar

Just barely missing your set at The Tiger Bar, is no consolation for the enthusiasm and spirit for the man they call Spookey Ruben. A melodic cushion of sound, Brian Wilson-esque collages, daring, eclectic and lush. Monochromatic colours that's irresistibly sweet. Canada's Intergalactic Troubadour has made his return.